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I have just finished a trading course called the MAX Trading System and decided to write a review. The review has been submitted to Forex Peace Army too, so should appear there soon. I have reproduced it below:

I took the July/August 2010 Max Standard course which finished (at the time writing) yesterday. This review is based on the course and not on the possible results – I have not traded this system live yet but wanted to provide a review of the course itself. I have taken many courses and have had a couple of mentors in my few short years as a part-time trader. I have had no success yet on a live account, so if you are looking for a gushing review where I can exclaim I have made millions with the MAX then this is not the review for you. I am keeping it real and honest. You can see my trading adventure at

The course is 7 weekly sessions of roughly two hours via GoToWebinar. You can see the instructor’s computer and hear their voice, and can communicate with them via text chat. See the website for more details. I like the way it is structured because the course contains a vast amount of information and it is delivered in such a way as to build your knowledge from a foundation upwards, much like a building. Session 1 is purely discussing entries and the Max philosophy. Session 2 talks about stop losses and how to scale-in to a trade (a very important part of the MAX). Session 3 talks about some new indicators and how to exit and scale-out. Session 4 talks more on exits and some more indicators. Session 5 was quite illuminating as a non-lag indicator was presented which blew me away. Simulated trading in the MT4 strategy tester was dicussed. Session 6 was a review session and a couple more indicators. Session 7 was another review session and a long discussion on risk and money management. After session 7, an invitation to the members only forum was given, and invitations to scrolling parties, the application room and further training with the Advanced course. After every session homework was assigned and graded by Jerry – this is a very important part of the training, to ensure the knowedge has been received properly. This was done via a google group.

The good
There are four people as far as I am aware that run the Max trading system. Chris, Craig, Eusebio and Jerry. Chris and Craig are the oil in the machine and run the course and I have to say it was very slick indeed with lots of attention from them. But the course really shined with the very experienced instructors, Eusebio and Jerry. They are obviously very experienced successful traders and they impart their knowledge clearly, succinctly and sprinkled with some humour. They really are a pleasure to listen to in the webinar sessions. What really sets them apart though is their obvious love for the subject of trading, they really love it. I asked numerous questions on the google group and on text chat during the sessions and the instructors were patient and clear in their explanations even though some students did get a mild scolding once in a while if they were not practising what they were taught, and I see this as a good thing. The instructors really cared about making sure that all students had learned the material. the level of attention from them was quite extraordinary.

The bad
The course is very intense and requires hours and hours and hours of HARD WORK. You must not have any preconceptions about a trading method before you go in. I have lost money in the past, trading indicators and I developed a phobia against them and wanted to learn how to trade using price action only. However, it took me a week or two of seeing the kind of results people were getting with the MAX to allow me to drop those preconceptions and allow the indicators in. The MAX’s power lies in reducing risk right down to a very low level, but at the same time allowing you to scale in to a trade when it is going in your direction. The result of this is a low risk, very, very powerful and profitable trading system. The MAX is however primarly a price action trading method, with the SUPPORT OF indicators – it is not an indicator based system. I did find the number of indicators a little overwhelming to start with but I’m sure I’ll get used to them the more I practise – my charts look very colourful indeed now, whereas before the course I would only have price and a few support/resistance lines and maybe an MA. I did find the audio to be bad from Jerry – but that could have been me. I suspect it wasn’t me because Eusebio and Chris were fine on the audio. Jerry’s audio was bad on the videos too, fading in and out. On the plus side I didn’t lose any information, it was just more effort to listen to Jerry because of the audio issues than the other instructors. Maybe Jerry should invest in a new microphone.

I was attracted to the MAX in the first place because I wanted to find a method that was not rigid based on absolute concrete rules and one that allowed me to scale in and out of trades. I really believe that the key to vast profits is to reduce risk by getting out of a trade early if it’s not going your way and adding to the trade as it goes in your direction. That was what I was looking for when I trawled the internet, and WOW did I find what I was looking for! This course is not for the lazy or people looking to become millionaires overnight. If however, hard work, perseverence, patience and discpline are applied, I’m sure the millions will follow anyway. Some people have whined about the price of the course, but I think it is extraordinarily good value for money. I will be practising what I have learnt over the next few months and will then look to go on the Advanced course early in 2011. If you are looking for a powerful trading method that works on any time frame and don’t mind some hard work, then don’t hesitate and book your course today.

If you would like a copy of a video introduction to the MAX, then let me know in the contact form, and I’ll forward it on to you. It is worth watching the video, believe me.ย  UPDATE 17 Oct 2013: I no longer have this video or trade the Max. Please do not ask for it.

UPDATE: 31 August 2010

I gave the review on Forex Peace Army five stars, but it has come through unrated for some reason. Not sure why that is – the previous comment to mine is unrated too. Maybe their ratings system has broken?


21 thoughts on “MAX Trading System Review

  1. Neil Murphy

    Did they do live trading in the classes? Do they train you how to deal with losses too? I presume the method isn’t perfect so there would be losing as well as winning trades.

    1. keymoo Post author

      Hi Neil,

      They do not do live trading in the classes. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “Do they train you how to deal with losses”. Are you talking about emotions? They don’t really touch on the emotional side of trading (there’s too much information in the course to get this in). However the system is focused first on limiting risk and then on the profits. One homework assignment is to test the Max for yourself and I did that on the AUDJPY and I found 80% winning trades, 15% BE and 5% losers. Not sure if I’d get those results live trading, but that’s what I found. And the losers are very small – somewhere around 0.5-1% of the account. If you are looking for the perfect system, you won’t find it, but this comes pretty close from what I’ve seen so far.

  2. Srini Krishnamurthy

    Hi Keymoo,
    Wonderful blog. As you may expect I stumbled upon your site while researching MAX system. Thanks! I have been spending over a couple of weeks trying to get some answers. As you can imagine internet is like a public restroom wall. not sure what to believe, but good thing about MAX is i found most of the stuff to be positive and i’m quite amazed. But i do have a couple of quick questions I would appreciate if you take time to answer –
    1) Most of the amazing results people claim come from trading on 5m charts. This is nearly impossible for me. I see that you have been playing with 4H, which i think i can manage with a demanding job. How are the results as compared to traders claiming their results on 5m timeframe?
    2) I see that you are in Mountain time. I keep shuffling between eastern and central. Do i have to start my day at london open to tap into daily trends? how is that working for you (assuming you are not full time trader)
    3) From your blogs, i noticed that you are approaching one year since your start/completion of MAX. Any regrets? Is it still worth it? Does future look as promising as you had originally visualized?
    Sorry for a flurry of questions. But I’m hoping this works out for me too. I’m more than willing to work hard at it.
    Hoping for your answers. and… Wishing the very best in your trading career.
    Thanks in advance….Srini

    1. keymoo Post author

      Thanks for the comment, yes it is hard to believe what you find on the internet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hence, take what I say with a pinch of salt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1) I don’t know I haven’t traded the M5, however the H4 works very well for me. I cannot give you a quantitative answer as you seek, but I have found it to work extremely well. I have not traded with real money yet, so feel free to ignore me. Some traders with full-time jobs use the H8 charts, some use H1. They all work, but will yield more or less trades depending on the timeframe. If you trade the H4, you can monitor much more pairs than if you trade the M5. Any more than 4 pairs on the M5 would become stressful (for me). However on the H4, you could monitor over 20 pairs quite easily.
      2) I am in London, UK time zone which works very well for a forex trader ๐Ÿ˜‰
      3) No regrets at all, I believe I have found the right system (for me), all I need to do now is work a bit more on my discipline, execution and psychology. This will come in time, I have no doubt. I feel very confident, but not arrogant.

      Hope this helps, and good luck in your trading.

  3. Shaun

    Hey Keymoo,

    I’m curious: You’ve been playing with this system for close to a year now. I was just wondering why you aren’t trading live yet. Thanks!


    1. keymoo Post author

      “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” — Alexander Pope.

      “Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.” — Benjamin Franklin

      “The devil takes a hand in what is done in haste.” — Turkish Proverb

      “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” — Winnie the Pooh

      Anyway, you get the point. I’m not trading live yet because I’m not ready to trade live yet. In order to be successful in trading, it is my belief that it is more important to have the right attitude than the right trading system. For me, thousands of hours of painstaking testing and learning will give me the confidence to place trades because I know how this system works like I know the back of my hand.

      When I get a losing trade, or a string of losing trades, I will not panic and scour the internet for a “better” trading system. I am expecting losses, and I know statistically how many losses in a row I should expect based on my win/loss ratio for a given number of trades. So I know that at some point I will have more than five losing trades in a row. What do I do then? Panic? Give up? Search for something else? No, I carry on with diligence because losing is part of winning.

      1. Shaun

        Fair enough ๐Ÿ™‚ One last question..! Prior to learning the MAX system, how long would you say you’ve been trading on the forex market?

  4. Srini

    Keymoo, Thanks for your reply to my earlier message. I appreciate it.
    Can you please send me the intro webinar video? I would definitely like to take a look, and if timing is correct, I will jump on board in the next session.
    Again, thanks!

  5. ben akpan

    i’ve heard about the max and it great results.plz can u forward the videos to me.thanks for sharing this great info

      1. George

        I have done the Max primer course and am just completeing the Max Lite. Very impressed with the system and the tuition.
        Planning to take the Max Standard when I can afford it. I would be interested to know whether you have started live trading yet and,if so, how it is going for you.

  6. james

    I have heard about the max…it seems like a good system but expensive…how do i know it does what it says it does and secondly, what makes the max different? what is so special about it? what is the secret to the max? I have heard that there is an un-recorded secret to the max that is never recorded on the videos….what is this secret? what makes the max so special?

      1. Moo Trader Post author

        It’s not worth it. is what you need. Indicators are paraylsing and lagging, price action is the way to go. All in my humble opinion. Some people like indicators. If you really love lots of indicators then buy the MAX.


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